Thursday, September 28, 2006


I had a call from a researcher who wanted to know the first names of the two doctors after whom Mueller-Weiss Syndrome was named. He had googled the surnames, but couldn’t find any information on their given names.

Had this happened after Tuesday’s class, I would have immediately gone to the Dictionary of Medical Eponyms - B.G. Firkin and J.A. Whitworth - W13.F57 1996 and found my answer there. However, I tried other search engines than Google, and found the site on AltaVista

This gave me the information I was looking for and I was able to e-mail him with the information he needed.


Blogger Dean Giustini said...


Did you notice that there is no MeSH for Mueller-Weiss Syndrome? I wonder what EMBASE, CINAHL, IPA and MDConsult would uncover?


ps. Here's TRIP (which provides clues for MEDLINE-MeSH terms):

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